Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Bama!

Here is the birthday message from the kids...




We love you Bama! Have a great one!

And another group shot of the kiddos...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our newest family pictures!

Our little tree huggers...

Friday, May 14, 2010

I fell off the wagon...

The blogging wagon that is. No excuses, we've been busy and it's just not been a priority. We had a nice vacation when Bugga, Bama and Rosie visited at Easter, Justin celebrated his 33rd Birthday, I've made a few more trips to Phoenix and we've been living our same old boring (but satisfying) life. Here are a few pictures from our trip to the shore. We went to Topsail for Easter weekend. We had a great time and took hundreds of pictures. I don't have the patience to post more so this is jus a sampling. Averie enjoyed walks on the beach and searching for sea-shells. Carson love running on the beach and... well... more running on the beach! I enjoyed relaxing and spending time with Mom, Bama and Rosie. Just took a few days off and actually got a decent weekend (since Christmas he's worked six day weeks and has been putting in very long hours).

So, in the last two months what's happened to my weight loss journey? Still working at it... not as far as I hoped to be, but still making progress. On my last post I was 20lbs down. In the last two months I've fluctuated, not hugely, but I've gained 5lbs. However, I've mixed up my workout routine and have really improved my cardio endurance. Despite my 5lb gain, I still get comments that people are noticing a weight loss. Do I want to lose more and hit that magic number on the scale? Oh yes I do! But am I obsessing about it? No - I feel good!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love this Carolina weather!

This post is ironic because today is chilly and rainy. In fact, I play on the Shutterfly softball team and our first game of the season was scheduled for today but cancelled due to rain. Oh well...

We have had two beautiful weekends in a row. We have taken full advantage and made trips to the park. Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the playground!

Short and (bitter)sweet

This week's weight loss update... none... in fact, a gain of 2lbs. But measurements are slightly lower (and by slightly, I mean fractions of inches). I have really upped my workout and I'm feeling good. No weight loss this week, but it will come!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bye bye hcg...

I've had great success with the hcg, but my heart's just not in it. It's been 21 days and technically I should go another 5 at minimum to correctly complete phase 1, but I'm having a hard time. Physically, I'm not hungry, but mentally I'm struggling. I want to eat things like yogurt and peanut butter! I'm going to try to keep to the next phase of the protocol, but I'm going to make my own little modifications by taking more of a low carb approach (similar to Southbeach, but still keeping an eye on my caloric intake) - let's hope it doesn't backfire.

By the way, in my last post I was on the search for Walden Farms products... yuck! The two types of jam that I have taste unnatural. I bought the mayonnaise - if you can call it that - I would never put that stuff on a sandwich or anything that you normally put mayo on! However, it works OK if you mix it to make a sauce. For example, I used it to make a coleslaw dressing and my coleslaw is not too shabby. I did have to overcompensate for the poor mayo with vinegar... it works. If you're really watching calories / fat / carbs hardcore you could make it work, but I say don't bother.

This week's total: Down 3.8lbs
Running total: 20.2lbs

I'm pleased with my progress! This week I'm going to step up my workouts. My ultimate goal is to lose another 15 - 20 lbs by my birthday (3 months).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This week's progress (yes, I said progress!)

I managed a four day trip to Phoenix this week. Since this wasn't a "customer" trip with social obligations, it was easy to avoid unhealthy dinners. My first night there I grabbed a salad at an eatery in the hotel. They did not offer any low cal / healthy dressing recipes nor did they have any lemon so I ate a very plain salad with unseasoned chicken. Salt and pepper did very little to make it appetizing, but it filled my tummy so I ate it and headed to my room to eat an apple which was a great dessert considering the bland dinner I had just eaten. Each night after, I went out with co-workers, but I chose sensible meals and asked for variations (replace dressing with vinegar or lemon, steamed veggies instead of sauted, etc...).

I've been doing well and lost weight through the course of the week. But, this morning I was up 1.3lbs. At first sight of the number I was horrified - it doesn't take much to discourage me and I have to admit, I was pissed! My first instinct was to run downstairs and raid the "locked backpack", but I took a few minutes to think sensibly and am back on track mentally.

This week's total (including my slight gain) is...

Down 3.4lbs!!!!!
Running total = 16.4lbs

I also started taking my measurements two weeks ago. My running total since starting to track is -10.5".

Sparkpeople is still the most helpful tool. I joined an HCG Group and have been pleased with the motivation and suggestions found there. This week I am excited to buy Walden Farms Products. Walden Farms offers zero calorie, fat, carb products. I'm leary about how good these will taste, but am open to trying (stay tuned for my review).

My weight loss has made it evident that I need to lose more than originally thought AND firm up through weight training. Yes, my clothes fit better and I feel better, but when undressed, I look in the mirror and think, "Shouldn't I look better than this?". The last time I was in this weight range I was comfortably wearing a whole size smaller than I am now. Of course, the last time I was at this weight was before Carson was born and pregnancy (especially the second) certainly did a number on my body! Luckily I have no delusions of my body type and don't aspire to look great in a bikini. I'll settle for looking great (no muffin top) in a nice pair of jeans and not having to hold in the inevitable roll that occurs when sitting.

One more week down!